Ballroom Dance Camp Sign-up
Sunday July 30th. In place of our usual Sunday Dance Technique workshop, we will be holding a mini Dance Camp. Three hours of Dance instruction followed by an hour of supervised dance practice. We know that when we learn new dances, they always add technique to the dances we know. And it is just simple fun. So we decided to present the following on that day.

- Introduction to Samba with beginner Samba Routine
Samba is a very distintive dance with very distinctive music. The movements are unlike any other dance. We will show the Samba action and develop a short, beginner level routine.

- "Foxy" slow dance with fun figures
We get more comments about this dance when we are traveling. We take figures from many upper level dances and dance them to a slow dance with a step on each beat. Lots of fun and a great way to practice many more complicated moves.

- Introduction to Paso Doble with beginner routine
This dance is pure fun performance. Wonder what it is all about? We'll take some of the basic moves and create a short routine. You'll be famous at the next dance party.

- Supervised dance practice time
Get out on the floor and practice some of the things we have just learned. Also practice to other dances. We will watch and help with your questions.

All in all, a great afternoon of dance, instruction and fun. We will have a number of breaks for water and snacks.
We always have handouts. But in addition, we will give exclusive access to a video summary of the routines for all attendees.
Stanly Hall Ballroom 2 to 6 PM. $25 per person in advance. ($30 per person at the door).